Motorex oil - Cross Power 4T 10W/ 60 - 1 Ltr.

2 900,00 руб.
Срок поставки: 4 weeks*

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

(with the advance payment from the day after the payment order by the customer, and for other methods of payment from the day after the contract)

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- 4T engine oil especially for off-road motorbikes
- 100% fully synthetic
- Viscosities SAE 10W/ 50, 10W/ 60
- Ideal for high-performance off-road motorbikes
- Optimum wear and corrosion protection
- Extreme temperature and shear stability
- Lowest NOACK (evaporation loss)
- Cross Power 10W/60 is strongly recommended for use with the new KTM LC4 engines
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