Touratech Suspension steering damper *CSC* for BMW R1200GS up to 2012/ R1200GS Adventure up to 2013 +mounting kit included+

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Описание товара

The Touratech Suspension *CSC* steering damper effectively optimises ride stability on the BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure - whether for off-road and touring use carrying a heavy load or while chasing curves. Trials and experience show that the linear Touratech Suspension *CSC* (Constant Safety Control) steering damper with its permanent assistive effect adds a whole new dimension to riding.
Depending on individual requirements, the damping can be adjusted very finely through 24 clicks to suit the riding conditions. There is a distinct improvement in ride dynamics when carrying heavy luggage with touring equipment, over long distances, on the worst roads, and/or on dirt tracks. Fitting the *CSC* steering damper makes the bike's ride and handling significantly more stable, less tiring, and safer.
Greatly reduces the following effects:
- No more hard steering when cornering slowly with a heavy load
- Minimised disturbances transmitted to the handlebar by the rider
- For example: wind flow over motorcycle clothing and turbulence caused by a truck or van in front
- Minimised instability caused by ruts on motorways, main roads and dirt tracks
- Small front wheel with knobbly tires is noticeably more stable when riding off-road or on sand
- Less fatigue on long journeys thanks to consistently greater ride stability


- Touratech Suspension *CSC* steering damper for BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure up to 2012 model year
- Supplied complete with appropriate mounting kit for the motorbike
- CNC-milled from high-grade 7075 aircraft aluminium
- Sensitive response characteristics
- Maximum safety - ideal for off-road and on-road use
- Elegant Touratech design
- 24-click damping adjustment
- Road legal
- 75 mm stroke

What's included:

- Touratech Suspension *CSC* steering damper
- Mounting kit for the BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure
- Fitting instructions

Дополнительная информация

Артикул 01-044-5858-0
suspensiontyp travel
custom_link_1 Steering damper ABE type approval documentation.
Цвет черный
Год выпуска модели 2004
Bike-Manufacturer BMW
Model R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure
Материал Алюминий
Функция Погрузка
Gewicht 0.6540


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