Держатель BMW NAVI 4, 5 и 6 с замком

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The BMW Navigator handlebar mount has been developed specifically for motorbike use.
The base mount with the power supply strip and control buttons on the side which is supplied with the BMW Navigator is integrated into the Touratech handlebar mount. Using the original BMW base mount on its own does not sufficiently protect the Navigator IV, V and VI against the vibrations that occur specifically on motorcycles. Another feature of our handlebar mount is that the BMW Navigator IV, V and VI securely locks into the motorcycle mounting.

Specifically protects the unit against:

- Large potholes, kerbs.
- Accidentally touching the original closure.
- BMW Navigator IV, V and VI becoming unlocked inadvertently or due to riding conditions.
- The Touratech decoupling eliminates the vibrations that occur specifically on motorbikes.
- The Touratech decoupling eliminates the effects of rough ground when riding on bad roads or off-road.

Touratech BMW Navigator IV, V and VI handlebar mount features:

- Can be fitted on 12 mm centre strut, or on the BMW mounting adapter.
- Implements genuine Touratech vibration damping.
- The special TT mechanics ensure that the BMW Navigator unlocking mechanism is protected.
- Your GPS device remains easily accessible in all situations.
- Laser-cut, anodised aluminium parts, manufactured using CNC technology, provide stability and precision.
- The special TT design uses fixing and damping elements to secure the device more firmly in its original holder.
- We stock this lockable version. This protects the unit against snatching during short stops.
- The Touratech handlebar mount has been designed and developed specially for the BMW Navigator IV, V and VI.

Information about the illustrations
The BMW Navigator V and the BMW motorbike cradle shown in the illustrations are not supplied with the Touratech mount.

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