Комплект сменных фильтров Unifilter крышки воздушного фильтра KTM 1290 Super Adventure R/S

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On many of our trips in dusty and dry countries and on many sporting events and rallies we had the problem that fine dust kept on getting through the air filter and into the intake system. Sometimes with serious consequences for the engine. We have tried and tested a large number of air filters over the last few years. We found the solution to our dust problem in Australia. Unifilter Australia gave us an air filter to test that fully met our expectations. The Touratech Research & Development team used the Unifilter in all the races in the 2006 season and since then have found no dust residue in the air filter box.

Another advantage of the filter, made of high-tech foam, is the long service life. The filter is not thrown away when it's dirty but rinsed out, lubricated again and used time and time again. So you don't just take care of your engine but also your wallet.

In our opinion it's an absolute must for off-road motorbikes!

Made in Australia

3x Replacement Filter Set for KTM air filter dust cover (for left and right side)
Подробная информация
Артикул 01-371-0874-0
Доставка Доставка 3 - 5 дней
Функция Защита
Производитель KTM
Модель 1290 Super Adventure (-2020)
Материал Пластик
Производитель Unifilter
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