Кронштейн GPS KTM 1050/1090/1190 Adventure/R, черн.

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Even the best GPS is useless if the holder breaks at a crucial moment!
But now, thanks to the GPS mounting adapter, it's easy to mount a GPS securely and ready for use in the cockpit of the Adventure.

A strong stainless steel frame is screwed into place directly below the odometer, and will cope with even the toughest vibrations. This frame holds the 12 mm strut on which all Touratech GPS holders can be mounted. The highest possible position is chosen for the strut! You don't have to move your eyes from the route to look at the GPS - and nor are the important instruments covered up.
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Артикул 01-371-5415-0
Доставка Доставка 3 - 5 дней
Цвет Черный
Производитель KTM
Модель 1050 Adventure, 1090 Adventure, 1190 Adventure
Производитель Touratech
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